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How to choose makeup brush

★ brush the best choice of natural hair quality, because the natural brush texture soft, flexible, and skin contact feel very comfortable, and easy to stick powder, natural color. Synthetic brush is relatively smooth, but not easy to brush evenly.

★ bristles should be soft and smooth, tight and full of easy to fall off, the handle should also be easy to use.

★ pick the brush, you can feel the flexibility of their hands, but also the brush directly on the desktop, good quality bristles will be a circular distribution and no gap.

★ will brush in the back of the hand back and forth sweep several times, there is no bristles off is the top grade.

★ identify the authenticity of bristles way is to blow the hot air blowing to the bristles, to maintain the original for the animal hair, hair into a curly-like is man-made fibers.