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The basic tool for make up

A, makeup tools
Sponge: for foundation. Usually round, triangular and cylindrical (Yuan Zhui). Round sponge is characterized by a slightly hard texture, large area, suitable for the forehead and cheeks position, rendering a large area. And the other two kinds of texture to be more detailed, suitable for the corners of the eye, nose and mouth and other local rendering. The use of different forms of rendering can make a more detailed makeup sponge.
Puff: used a circular puff and brush. There are a lot of round puff size distinction. Big puff for a large area, a small puff for local makeup. The brush is a cylindrical brush, is the biggest cosmetic brushes, picks powder swipe on the face to sweep powder evenly on the face, the effect is more natural.
Blush Brush: a little smaller than a small amount of paint, with bevel point modification, also known as facial contour brush. A large brush can be used for large area color and brush to the excess powder.
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The basic tool for makeup
Two, eye makeup tools
Pull through pull out: eyebrow eyebrow to eyebrow trimming of excess Soke, through the drawing form, Zamao grow slowly, eyebrow keep a long time.
The tool: dressing the use of eyebrow and large area hair removal, quick and painless.
Eyebrow: trim long eyebrow cut short.
Eyelash curler: used to make eyelashes become warped. If the eyelash is not easily shaped, use an electric eyelash curler.
Brow Brush: mostly made of nylon or rayon, with a brush head and a hard brush. Eyebrow thrush and available brow eyebrow brush sweep tidy, eyebrow brush brows thrush in the direction of light sweep, the natural eyebrow, eyebrow tidy.
Eyebrow pencil: everyone is familiar with the make-up tools, used to improve the eyebrow. Skilled sisters are also starting to use the eyebrow.
Eyebrow brush: brush head is inclined, flat, in addition to take appropriate clear draw eyebrow to eyebrow, eyeliner is also very easy to grasp.
False eyelashes: an excellent weapon for eye charm! More and more shapes.
Eye shadow brush: a flat round brush, with small points, the generally used for coating color, can be painted a uniform color, covering the entire orbital position; moderate to small color; the minimum can be used to carefully draw eyeliner, more accurate. More suitable for powder eye shadow.
Eyeshadow: somewhat similar to the cotton stick to local color and multi-color eye shadow halo, can make the eyes of nature. Can also be used for germanium and frosted eye shadow, oval head suitable for large area of color, push evenly, tip eye shadow stick suitable for small areas painted.
Eyeliner: used to draw eyeliner, you can make the outline of the eye more clearly. Also have make-up skills more skilled sisters, eyeliner to draw eyeliner.
Eyeliner Brush: brush shape and is somewhat similar, but the brush head is more slender, hair Zhiyi is relatively soft, suitable for liquid eyeliner.
Mascara brush: some shapes look like a little comb, while others are similar to Mascara brushes with a spiral shape. After applying mascara, brush it with a mascara that is joined together to make your eyelashes look more tidy.
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The basic tool for makeup
Three, Chunzhuang tools
Lip Brush: hair is hard, let you easily control the fall brush. Whether to use lipstick or lip gloss, use lip brush will help you draw fine lines, modified lip.
I remind: do not have to have all the tools are prepared so complete, for make-up beginners, if you feel that the make-up tool is too complex, and prepare some basic tools on it. The first is the sponge (general foundation attached), puff. The more important is to have two: one is the blush brush oblique mouth, a mouth, oblique mouth is mainly used for processing of three-dimensional face of the mouth is on the whole face of harmonious degree. Then the eyebrow pulling (or tool), eyebrow scissors, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and two or more different size and Eyeshadow Eyeshadow brush. The most practical eye shadow stick is medium-sized. The last is the brush.
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